Friday, July 9, 2010

Saddened by Park Yong-ha's (박용하) death

'June 30, 2010: on the news, Park Yong-ha committed suicide.'

 I just learned today while doing some thorough browsing on what's going on with the Korean Entertainment. Why am I so late with this? ahh.. I was busy creating my new blog site. Looking at the picture of this really handsome Yong-ha. I was saddened by the news. Looking at his photos brings back my memories way back when I watched him as Kim Sang-hyuk in Winter Sonata.  

Park Yong-ha committed suicide and did not even left any notes. I wonder what he's been depressed of, to even took his own life. Doesn't he have any friends? Anyway, with Korea as the country which have the most number of suicidal case...[sigh]

I remembered when I asked Claire(my Korean student) why is that most Korean celebrities took their own lives?
"Maybe because they are pressured by their stardom. People look up to them so much and when they're out of the limelight they started to be depressed, also financial and love problems", Claire said.

For whatever his reason of ending his own life. I pray that his soul may rest in peace.

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  1. omg!! this is really sad... TT
    it's not that he's handsome and a celebrity~ ..
    it's that more and more People are ending their lives
    due to social pressure, money matters
    or that they thought nobody loves them..... See More
    Always remember GOD loves you^^