Saturday, July 3, 2010

One shot! One Shot!

My sister invited few of her Korean students and co-teachers on her 26th Birthday. It wasn't really a big bash, a cake to blow and five bottles of beer made it a celebration. From afar, I've seen them having great time chatting and drinking.

I began to compare how Korean people and my own celebrate, I can say that "fairly the same." In the midst of their feast, one student said "let's play one shot!" noticeably; in her Korean accent.

The game goes like this: in random, one will start counting. Let say, I'll start with "one" then another person will say "two". If two people utter the same number at the same time, punishment awaits. And the loser will have a shot of beer while the others are chanting one shot, one shot! NAME one shot!

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