Monday, July 12, 2010

My preference is Personal Preference (개인의 취향)

I have had few days off so I've got the chance to watch Personal Preference.  Son Ye Jin (손예진) has always been my all time favorite. I've watched all of her movies and dramas.  I really had fun watching it, Ye-jin is back with her comedic roles after Crazy First Love (첫사랑 사수 궐기대회) and The Art of Seduction (작업의 정석).  She can really play it well. Son Yejin is truly a certified versatile actress.  Male protagonist Lee Minho (이민호) played the role very well too. OMG he is really handsome, I've read from news that he's a conservative guy..[giggles] .
Watching Personal Preference made my 3 days off.  I still think of the funny scenes of Park Gae-In and Jeon Jinho.  It's somehow inspiring and a good topic to talk about. My favorite scene was when Jinho said the most awaited... "Game over-mida".


  1. Ah 이민호, did you get a chance to see 꽃보다남자?

  2. Yes, I've watched 꽃보다남자 already. It's really a good drama..

  3. Actually I never watched the drama, I just read an English translation of the Japanese comic book. I liked that, I don't know if I can get into Korean dramas that much. There is one that holds some promise that is on the T.V.'s now though, it is called, "구미호," It's about a woman who can turn into a fox. I should really watch more dramas, my wife is Korean, I live in Korea, but I can't speak Korean very well. I always figured that watching Korean T.V. might help, but I just don't like it very much. (Well I do like documentaries about restaurants, and "High Kick," was pretty funny.

  4. I think watching more often would really help. But you should do what you liked the most. I think restaurants is interesting too.
    I remembered my first visit to a Korean restaurant here. I was really excited when my sister's student invited me. It's like wow! ^^

  5. I´m not into soap operas, but when i tried watching once it´s like i´m hooked on it. So far, i like comedy dramas led by Song Hye Kyo, like "The Full House". It was a great!! The characters were cute. I also like viewing the korean setting!..For me, it´s simple yet interesting!!!
    Det er spændende at se mere "soap operas". Jeg tror, det hjælpe lidt for mig. Vi kan lært nonge ting af dem og det er rigtigt spændende at se vores favorit skuespiller! Jeg rigtige elsker Song hye Kyo! Hun er flot og sjovt!