Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Wanna be Stress Free? Try Gardening!

Gardening is one of the best things I do after a stressful day of work. By simply looking at the flower's variety of colors already makes my day. I grew up in an environment where everyone loves to grow plants, orchids (Vanda) especially. Though orchids needs a lot of nurturing, when its flower buds start to show, it gives fulfillment. Based on my personal experience, I've listed the benefits I've gained from nurturing plants.
  • It makes you forget your problems.
  • It gives a healthy and clean surroundings. 
  • Greens can give a good eye-sight.
  • You can also earn by selling.
  •  Fulfillment.
Everyone can do gardening or planting. There are a lot of plants to choose.

Take a peek at the orchids I've personally nurtured.

Friday, August 20, 2010

What a wonderful world: Lingay beach resort

I want to share photos from one of my getaways. One of the best moments I've had.

Resort: Lingay beach resort
Location: San Remegio, Cebu

I see trees are green...

and yellow bells too..

I see skies are blue..

clouds of white

Bright blessed days..

and I said to myself

What a wonderful world..

waiting for someone..

still waiting..

Here they come..

pearly shells...



Monday, August 16, 2010

The wonders of Chocolate Hills, Bohol

"I've got the chance to visit one of the eight wonders of the world, Chocolate Hills."

The plan was to just go to Bohol and visit a friend's relative. Never did we think of going elsewhere. Excited, for it was my first time to visit the province. The fare is just fair enough for a chance of a lifetime. Two hours of cruising to reach Tubigon is not enough to enjoy the calmness of the sea. I saw a lot of beautiful islands, I wish I have a photographer's camera to take the details of each island.

When we arrive at the Tubigon pier, Sheila (friend), decided to tour us around Chocolate Hills and Sagbayan Peak. I got more thrilled, as we rode in that tricycle I've only seen in that place. 

It took us more than an hour before we finally reached Carmen, where the famous Chocolate Hills is located. Amazing views of nature God has uniquely created.

My camera isn't really of high quality but I'm lucky enough to have seen the wonders of Chocolate Hills.

The sun was in his mightiest, but I had a bottle of water and a sarong to cover.

I jumped for joy!

Next destination:  Sagbayan Peak, in Sagbayan Bohol.

Enough steps to make you ask for another bottle of water.

In Sagbayan Peak, there are few hills, a theme park and water park for kids to enjoy.

Of course, I didn't miss the opportunity to see the Tarsiers.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Andre Kim dies at 74

South Korea's top designer Andre Kim, 74, died at a hospital in Seoul, Thursday. Kim had been battling from colon cancer. 

Last month he was confined at Seoul National University Hospital due to  pneumonia. He died Thursday at 7:20 pm after 20 days of confinement.

May he rest in peace.

[via koreatimes.co.kr]

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Son Ye-jin Facebook Fan Page 'Likes' increases

Son Ye-jin in Netherlands

Actress Son Ye-jin's (손예진) Facebook Fan Page earns a lot of 'Likes' every day. Fans from different places make overwhelming comments to the lovable actress.

Son's agency, Barunson Entertainment maintains the account and supplies latest pictures from different pictorial locations. Sometimes Son Ye Jin personally uploads her photos.

Click here to view

[via Facebook.com, Picture source: Barunson Entertainment]

Lee Byung-hun , Bong Joon-ho and Son Ye-jin to receive APN Awards.

South Korean actors Lee Byung-hun (이병헌), Son Ye-jin (손예진) and director Bong Joon-ho (봉준호) will be given honor by the Asian-Pacific Producers Networks (APN) for their contributions to  the film industry.

APN is composed of around 100 film producers from the Asia-Pacific countries like Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Korea, Taiwan, Japan, China, New Zealand and Australia.

The Awards ceremony will be on August 12-14 at the Jecheon International Music and Film Festival in North Chungcheong Province.

I love Cebu dried mangoes

Cebu, Philippines is known for its sweet,  fresh,  delicious dried mangoes.  Export quality dried mangoes are all time favorite of the Cebuanoes and are most craved by foreigners.

On top of the line brands are 7D, Cebu, Guadalupe and many others. With its very affordable price, one can enjoy the yummy taste of Cebu’s pride.

take a bite!

If you want to order, just leave a comment.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Wedding bells for Han Ji-hye in Hawaii

South Korean actress and model Han Ji-hye (한지혜) is getting married to her non-celebrity boyfriend, announced by her agency Yedang Entertainment, Friday.

Han met her 32-year-old boyfriend in 2009 at the church. The agency added that the wedding will be held at a hotel in Hawaii on September 21.

Best wishes to Han Ji-hye!

[via Koreatimes.com]