Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Wanna be Stress Free? Try Gardening!

Gardening is one of the best things I do after a stressful day of work. By simply looking at the flower's variety of colors already makes my day. I grew up in an environment where everyone loves to grow plants, orchids (Vanda) especially. Though orchids needs a lot of nurturing, when its flower buds start to show, it gives fulfillment. Based on my personal experience, I've listed the benefits I've gained from nurturing plants.
  • It makes you forget your problems.
  • It gives a healthy and clean surroundings. 
  • Greens can give a good eye-sight.
  • You can also earn by selling.
  •  Fulfillment.
Everyone can do gardening or planting. There are a lot of plants to choose.

Take a peek at the orchids I've personally nurtured.


  1. Thanks for the visit in my blog.
    I like your blog.
    Congratulacions from Brazil.

  2. Gardening always has been a stress fighter and it is quite addicting. I love to interface with the earth.

  3. @ Judite, I'm happy that you liked my blog. Thank you much! I also like the work of art posted in your blog. Continue posting..

    @ PinoyApache, Thank you for the comment. Looking at your pictures really inspired me to explore. I'm also from Cebu..

  4. beautiful flowers...I like this flower, in Indonesia called anggrek. greeting from Indonesia :)

  5. @Lyla, Thank you for liking the flowers and for the visit..