Monday, August 16, 2010

The wonders of Chocolate Hills, Bohol

"I've got the chance to visit one of the eight wonders of the world, Chocolate Hills."

The plan was to just go to Bohol and visit a friend's relative. Never did we think of going elsewhere. Excited, for it was my first time to visit the province. The fare is just fair enough for a chance of a lifetime. Two hours of cruising to reach Tubigon is not enough to enjoy the calmness of the sea. I saw a lot of beautiful islands, I wish I have a photographer's camera to take the details of each island.

When we arrive at the Tubigon pier, Sheila (friend), decided to tour us around Chocolate Hills and Sagbayan Peak. I got more thrilled, as we rode in that tricycle I've only seen in that place. 

It took us more than an hour before we finally reached Carmen, where the famous Chocolate Hills is located. Amazing views of nature God has uniquely created.

My camera isn't really of high quality but I'm lucky enough to have seen the wonders of Chocolate Hills.

The sun was in his mightiest, but I had a bottle of water and a sarong to cover.

I jumped for joy!

Next destination:  Sagbayan Peak, in Sagbayan Bohol.

Enough steps to make you ask for another bottle of water.

In Sagbayan Peak, there are few hills, a theme park and water park for kids to enjoy.

Of course, I didn't miss the opportunity to see the Tarsiers.

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