Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Living a healthy lifestyle

I am more conscious with the food that I eat. Just recently, I have had cough and colds and looked really pale because I was anemic. Taking medications and vitamins would really cost a lot. I realized that, I must do something to regain my strength and good physique before its too late. This morning I do some stretching and running around the house, drink a lot of water to replace the sweat that came up of my body. For breakfast, I prepared a healthy meal, porridge with malunggay leaves (Moringa oleifera Lam) with boiled egg and fish.

It's good to start the day right. To live healthy, we need to think,decide and act. Living healthy doesn't need an expensive food, supplement and equipments. Remember that the best things in life are free. So instead of buying, we can plant vegetables and fruit in our backyards. So if you want to live healthy, you decide and begin the action    

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