Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Popular Koreans in the Philippines: Grace Lee, Sam Oh and Ryan Bang

Sam Oh, Ryan Bang and Grace Lee
South korean drama is never absent to Philippine television. To name a few, the painful love story of Johnny (Song Seung-hun) and Jenny (Song Hye-gyo) that was aired in GMA network which later on have a Filipino version lead by Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera. Abs-cbn also aired Lovers in Paris, Princess Hours and Boys over Flowers that gained high ratings. Indeed, South Korean artists are making waves in the Philippines. However, Sandara Park first gained her popularity in the Philippines after she won 1st runner-up in Star Cirlce Quest. She then, went back to South Korea and became popular as member of 2ne1.

Grace Lee (Korean: Lee Kyung Hee; 이경희 ), Sam Oh and Ryan Bang are gaining popularity in Philippine Showbiz. Lee  hosted Diz iz it on GMA and The Sweet Life on Q.

Sam Oh (Korean: Oh Sang-mi) has been in the Philippines for 20 years. She's done a lot of shows and even received awards.

Ryan Bang (Korean: Bang Hyun Sung) is the new darling of the press. After he won second place in reality TV show Pinoy Big Brother.

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