Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dogs are truly man's bestfriend

My busy schedule restricted me to see and take care of Potpot (my minnie pincher/shitzu dog). Since living alone isn't fun at all. My cousin gave Potpot to me. It is certainly true that having a pet would really flush away stress. My daily routine with her includes walking, feeding, and playing. I really had enjoyed being with my Potpot.

I do a lot of things for me to earn for a living. And I feel guilt every time I think of Potpot left alone in the house. No one is left to feed her. So, I have decided to return her to my cousin so that she will be properly taken care of.
Every weekend or if I have a vacant time, I pay her a visit. She's still the same sweet and playful Potpot. Though I seldom see her, I am at peace knowing that she's happy in her new home.


  1. thanks for following my blog. i didn't know this was you until i checked on your older posts below... :-)
    we also once had a puppy (an "aspin" hehehe) that we named "Shut Up" for reasons that you can already guess. father-in-law gave it to us but we sent him back to the in-laws for anti-rabies vaccination but we weren't able to get him back. anyway, he's already big now and he's well taken cared of.

  2. now you know it's me..:-) i am a mashkan. thank you for the prints left here..looking forward to your posts.