Thursday, July 8, 2010

A day with Hyun

 I can say that my sister really played a big role with my inclination to Korean people and stuff. It was in the middle of 2006 when she introduced me to Hyun, a male Korean student who wanted to mingle and meet new friends. He asked my sister to introduce him to some of her friends. My sister thought of me right away, she knows that I am really interested too. We met at the coffee shop and I was late. When I first saw him, he was really pretty for a man. We've talked a lot of things over a glass of iced tea in a coffee shop. I really had a great time with him. We didn't have dead air because he had a lot of questions and funny stories. He even told me that he will go to Canada and study there.

 Hyun is an atheist, he doesn't believe in God because for him; "to see is to believe." He asked me to bring him to a bookstore because he needed a note. At first I didn't understand what he meant by "note." When I asked him if it's a notebook, he didn't answer. He just looked for it and when he found it, a notebook indeed. In Korea, a laptop is called "notebook."

 Our last stop was in a Korean restaurant. I was really happy at that time because it was my first time to eat in a Korean restaurant. We ordered Samgyopsal which I really liked. He even taught me how to use metal chopsticks but as a beginner I used the wooden one. I've learned a lot from Hyun and he treated me really well. When we're about to part ways, he told me that the reason why he brought me to a Korean restaurant was because my sister told him my fascination for Korean people and foods.

 It was a memorable and I can say one of my happiest moments.  

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