Thursday, July 8, 2010

First Korean drama hook-up: Fullhouse(풀하우스)

 Fullhouse was my first ever favorite Korean drama starring Rain(Bi) and Song Hye Gyo.
I even bought two DVD copies of it just in case either one would breakdown. I love the chemistry of the two lead actors. They looked good together on screen.

 The story is all about Han Ji-Eun (SHG) who lives in a house built by his father and named it Fullhouse. Ji-Eun's best friends trick her that she has won a free vacation. While she's away, they sell her house. Then Ji-Eun met the famous actor Lee Young-Jae(Bi) on the plane. When she comes back, she discovered that her house has been sold to Young-jae.

 The story has a lot of comedic events especially when they lived together because both of them doesn't want to give up the house. She lived in the house as a helper for her not to be kick out of the house. Complications arise when they become attracted to each other.

 I've had so much fun and even cried in this drama. The OST blended well with the scenes. I started to become a fan of Song Hye Gyo after watching it and watch it over and over again.

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